Social Workers & Social Service Workers Professional Development Fund

Application Sign-In

For the application, you will need to have the following items ready:

  • College Registration Number – Only applicants that are registered with the College and in good standing are considered. 

  • Social Insurance Number - Professional development funding is considered a taxable benefit. A Social Insurance Number must be provided to comply with federal and provincial income tax laws. 

  • PD Activity Information – Specific questions about the completed professional development activity such as name, provider, PD activity type, duration and skills learned will be asked. 

  • Banking Information - Banking information such as account, institution and transit numbers are required. Applicants’ banking information is held in the strictest of confidence and used only for the purpose of direct deposit of the approved funding. Only personal banking account information can be accepted. Funds will not be transferred to a business account.  

Have copies of the following documents to be uploaded to the application:

  • Proof of Professional Development Activity Completion: 
    A passing grade report, transcript, or course certificate from the educational institution, certificate of attendance at a conference/seminar/workshop or print-out from a student based web service for the PD activity you are requesting funding for.  The proof of completion must include your name, the name of the education institution, the completion date(s), and the grade (if applicable).

  • Proof of Payment: 
    An official receipt issued by the provider of the professional development activity. This document should clearly state your name, the professional activity name, and the exact registration/tuition fees paid. Costs not related to the registration/tuition are excluded. Photocopies are accepted; originals will not be returned.

Do not proceed with this application if you have not yet completed the PD activity.