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Professional Development Fund Application Form

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  • To navigate through the form please use only the 'Previous' or 'Continue' buttons at the bottom of each page. This will ensure that the information you enter is saved.
  • Please ensure you have the following items ready before you begin the online application process;
    1. SIN Number
    2. College Registration Number
    3. PD Activity Information
    4. Proof of Payment
    5. Proof of Completion
    6. Banking Information 
    • Do not complete this form if you have not yet completed the PD activity for which you are  requesting funding.
    • Applicants are limited to one application for one PD activity to a maximum of $500 per funding year.
    • Once you have started the form, you will not be able to log back in and make any edits at a later time. The form is designed to lock-out applicants after they submit or close the browser. 

    If you have previously applied for funding;

    • Each new submission requires a different username and password. Do not use the same username and password as any previous submissions.
    • If you can see the information from your previous submission, do not proceed. Close your browser, and reapply using a different username and password or by completing the paper form. 
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